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Valorian TruView

Web app development for industrial services

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The US-based company Valorian Solutions approached Lumitech to develop a Drag-and-Drop Scheduling Board Application.


  • Client / Valorian Solutions
  • Category / Industrial Services
  • Tech Stack / React, Next, TypeScript, RTK & Query, Node, Koa 2, Vercel, Azure
  • Date / May 2023 - now

The main idea behind the app is to manage and schedule work orders for customers across multiple locations.

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Valorian TruView

Web app development for industrial services

The challenge


Build a cost- and time-efficient MVP within 2-3 months.


Leverage Firebase for an MVP and migrate to a custom backend after a release.


Integrate Azure AD securely for user access.


Optimize speed with large datasets and real-time updates.

The solution

In 3 months, on time and within budget, our team created a user-friendly Drag-and-Drop Scheduling Board Application.

Lumitech has developed a time-efficient solution within 3 months using React and Firebase. After a successful launch, we've migrated to a fully custom solution using Node supporting multi-tenancy architecture. The system provides real-time updates using WebSockets, ensuring that the scheduling board reflects changes instantly.

Project timeline

Our team did a great job managing time and resources by sticking to a clear plan from start to finish.

We carefully organized each step, monitoring progress to ensure efficient resource utilization and maintain high quality. We set smart deadlines and planned strategically to get everything done on time.

Our approach focused on being open, working together, and staying up-to-date which helped us not only meet but surpass our client's expectations.


1 week

  • Research
  • Analysis


3 weeks

  • User Modeling
  • Wireframing
  • UX Design


8 weeks

  • React
  • Design System Integration
  • TypeScript
  • Firebase
  • Vercel
  • Testing


Choosing a typeface is not only an aesthetic decision, but also a strategic decision

It is also important to consider font variations (italic, bold, thin, etc.) to create variety in the design and to emphasize important elements of information. In addition, the visual compatibility of fonts with each other should be considered to avoid conflicts and ensure a harmonious overall appearance of the text.

  • Regular
  • Medium
  • Bold

Plus Jakarta Sans Font Family

The choice of font in the design of a project is of great importance for creating a unified style, conveying information and forming a visual impression. A font not only displays text, but can also express the character and uniqueness of a brand or product.



The right color palette helps brand recognition and builds brand image in the eyes of consumers.

  • Blue


Our impact

By streamlining tasks, enhancing coordination, and ensuring security, we boost business productivity. This results in smoother operations, improved coordination, and enhanced customer service delivery.

  • 3 mos

    To Build MVP

  • 3+

    White-Label Tenants

  • 25%

    Operational Costs Reduction

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Testimonials and testimonials: True stories of partnership and success with our company

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“Lumitech is one of the most impressive software development firms I've worked with in my 20+ years of experience building software products. Not only is the quality of their code great, you can tell that they CARE about achieving the desired outcome for our customers. They insist on following proven methodologies and technology but find ways to be flexible to the pragmatic requirements of DELIVERING a usable product on time.”

Mike Hapner, CTO

Valorian Solutions

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