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Dubai Silicon Oasis, DDP, Building A1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Deliver end-to-end projects efficiently and reliably with our integrated software development teams.

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What We Do

Lumitech is a software development company providing professional services worldwide.

  • We partner with technology businesses globally helping them to build successful engineering teams and create innovative software products.
  • We are driven by success, commited to excellence, believe in continuous improvement and closely collaborate with people, who share our mindset.
  • What sets us apart? Our in-house team exclusively; no freelancers or part-time developers. We cultivate a robust in-house team with a long-term focus through leading activities, internal knowledge-sharing sessions, and growth opportunities.


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How we achieve a unique in-house environment: No freelancers or part-time developers.

1 Project — 1 Team

Our team focuses exclusively on your product's success. We prioritize the growth of developers and focus on recruiting top-tier talent, without relying on freelancers or individuals with full-time jobs.

Continuous Growth

We invest in the continuous development and growth of our team members, providing opportunities for learning, mentorship, and skill enhancement to ensure they remain at the forefront of industry trends.

Innovation Hub

We take a strategic, long-term approach to team building. Our environment serves as an innovation hub, where ideas are encouraged and experimentation is welcomed.

Case Studies

From innovative technology solutions to effective management, our cases span a variety of industries and business areas.

Avo: Nutrition App

Finding the best groceries in a crowded market can be tough and time-consuming. The idea of the Avo Reviews app is to create a unique mobile application that allows customers to scan a barcode and obtain useful information about a product.

Real-Time Scheduler App

The main idea behind the Valorian TruView is to manage and schedule work orders for customers across multiple locations.

OLI: AI Cooking Assistant

The Oli's main goal is to make a special place where people can help each other grow and learn together.

Why Lumitech


Our key engineers bring unique expertise in leading teams and driving processes for the world's top companies. They set the standard and lead by example, inspiring the entire team to adopt best practices and achieve unparalleled results.

In-House Team

We only employ full-time based employees as we're focusing on longer-term commitments. We do not hire freelancers or outsource development, ensuring full control and accountability within our organization.


We cut out any signs of bureaucracy, hidden agendas, and favoritism. Instead, we are always ready to share information, we are open to feedback, and have clear communication channels.

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