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Mobile development for a fashion company

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Netherlands-based company Backed came to us with the idea to create an IOS & Android app where a team of professional experts helps users achieve a custom and perfect style.


  • Client / Backed
  • Category / Fashion
  • Tech Stack / React Native, TypeScript, Firebase, IAP, AppCenter
  • Date / Feb 2023 - May 2023

Between 80 to 150 billion clothes are produced every single year. The choices are vast, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a personal style. In tight collaboration with our client, we wanted to transform the fashion industry and help customers around the world.

Lumitech Logo Mobile
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Mobile development for a fashion company

The challenge


Integrate personalized recommendations and advanced search functionality.


Implement secure payment gateways and handle sensitive user data.


Develop a feature-rich admin interface for fashion advisors.


Implement real-time communication between users and fashion advisors.

The solution

In just 4 months, we launched the Backed app, offering advice from diverse experts to empower users on their journey to success with a user-friendly interface.

Backed offers personalized styling sessions, a calendar feature, in-app subscriptions, and a robust admin dashboard. We swiftly address incidents through a daily release pipeline and promote community engagement with detailed user profiles.

Project timeline

Our team did a great job managing time and resources by sticking to a clear plan from start to finish.

We crafted a sleek cross-platform mobile app with extensive UI/UX design, enabling seamless communication between users and advisors. A comprehensive admin dashboard was created for efficient management, alongside a payment module for in-app subscriptions.

Detailed user profiles encourage engagement and self-expression within the fashion community, allowing users to showcase their style journey and share insights.


1 week

  • Research
  • Analysis


3 weeks

  • Wireframes
  • User flows
  • UI / UX Design


12 weeks

  • React Native
  • Typescript
  • AWS Amplify
  • RTK Query
  • Testing
  • Deployment


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  • Regular
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  • Blue


Our impact

Overall, Backed's impact lies in democratizing fashion expertise and enhancing the user experience, ultimately helping individuals feel more confident and stylish in their everyday lives.

  • 10

    Style experts

  • 95%

    Style satisfaction

  • 30 min

    Average usage time

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Testimonials and testimonials: True stories of partnership and success with our company

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“They were really agile, able to make adjustments, always available, and provided quality results.”

CEO & Founder

Backed, based in Leiderdorp, Netherlands

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