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Avo Reviews

Mobile app development for grocery startup

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US-based grocery start-up Avo Reviews approached Lumitech with the idea of creating a special iOS & Android app to simplify and enhance the shopping experience.


  • Client / Avo Reviews
  • Category / Grocery
  • Tech Stack / React Native, TypeScript, RTK & Query, Firebase, Google OCR, AppCenter
  • Date / Oct 2022 - Feb 2023

Finding the best groceries in a crowded market can be tough and time-consuming. The idea of the Avo Reviews app is to create a unique mobile application that allows customers to scan a barcode and obtain useful information about a product.

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Avo Reviews

Mobile app development for grocery startup

The challenge


Integrate a real-time database with a REST API providing millions of products.


Provide multi-platform compatibility, ensuring seamless operation across various devices and operating systems.


Utilize OCR to retrieve nutrition facts and other information about products.


Design a user-friendly interface and intuitive user experience.


Guarantee optimal performance for a mobile application managing substantial data volumes and frequent user engagements.


Secure sensitive user data, including product reviews and personal information.

The solution

In 5 months, in time and within the budget, our team created the Avo Reviews app. Users can access product reviews, share opinions, and discover nutritional insights for informed choices.

You can read reviews, share your thoughts, and learn about nutrition. This helps you make smarter choices when you're shopping, making the whole experience better for everyone.

Project timeline

Our team brought an app that scans a barcode and accesses valuable information about a product, including its composition, reviews, ratings, comparisons with other products, and previous scans.

The app integrates smart technology like real-time databases and a REST API to track millions of products. Using the OCR API, we gather nutrition facts and other details.

Our continuous integration pipeline ensures daily updates, while an admin portal tracks usage and manages the database. Advanced analytics offer control and preemptive issue prevention.


2 weeks

  • Hypotheses
  • Research
  • Analysis


4 weeks

  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Design System
  • UX Design


3 months

  • Architecture
  • Design System Integration
  • React Native
  • TypeScript
  • Testing
  • Deployment


Choosing a typeface is not only an aesthetic decision, but also a strategic decision

It is also important to consider font variations (italic, bold, thin, etc.) to create variety in the design and to emphasize important elements of information. In addition, the visual compatibility of fonts with each other should be considered to avoid conflicts and ensure a harmonious overall appearance of the text.

  • Regular
  • Medium
  • Bold

Ubuntu Font Family

The choice of font in the design of a project is of great importance for creating a unified style, conveying information and forming a visual impression. A font not only displays text, but can also express the character and uniqueness of a brand or product.



The right color palette helps brand recognition and builds brand image in the eyes of consumers.

  • Blue


Our impact

Developed in just 5 months, Avo Reviews revolutionizes the grocery industry. Users can effortlessly access product reviews and nutritional information to make informed choices. By the project's end, everyone was pleased: the client, users, and our team.

  • 3M+


  • 0.3 sec

    Average Response Time

  • 40+


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Testimonials and testimonials: True stories of partnership and success with our company

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“I loved working with them, and I look forward to working with them again. I've also already recommended them to two of my peers who hired them and were highly impressed!”

Lauren Fratamico, Founder

Avo Reviews

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