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Amunet IP

AI-powered patent management

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Managing patents can be a real headache for businesses. To tackle this problem, a client came up with an idea to develop Amunet, a web app that makes patent management a breeze.


  • Client / Amunet IP
  • Category / AI
  • Tech Stack / React, TypeScript, Next, Python, Fast API, ChatGPT, Azure
  • Date / Aug 2023 - now

Built using Python and React, Amunet is packed with smart features, including AI, to help businesses handle patents more efficiently. Amunet is packed with smart features, including AI, to help businesses handle patents more efficiently.

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Amunet IP

AI-powered patent management

The challenge


Ensure seamless integration of AI technology into the patent management workflow.


Design an intuitive UI that facilitates ease of use for patent professionals.


Create smart AI that can handle different patent jobs accurately and reliably.


Help patent professionals get comfortable with and start using the new AI tool.

The solution

The solution involved creating a streamlined user experience and leveraging Python's capabilities alongside ChatGPT for natural language processing.

We utilized Python's robust libraries and frameworks to build the backend infrastructure of the app, ensuring scalability, reliability, and performance in handling patent data and AI algorithms.

By integrating ChatGPT, an AI-based language model, we enhanced the app's capabilities to understand and process natural language inputs from users. This facilitated smoother interactions and improved user engagement.

Recognizing the diverse needs of patent professionals, we designed the app to be highly customizable and flexible. Users can tailor the AI-powered features to suit their specific workflow requirements, enabling them to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in their patent management tasks.

Project timeline

Our team manages time and resources effectively, following a clear timeline that ensures smooth movement from project inception to completion.

The project timeline for developing our AI-powered patent management system was carefully planned and executed. It involved several key stages, including research, design, development, testing, and deployment. Each phase was meticulously managed to ensure timely completion and adherence to project milestones.

Despite challenges and iterations along the way, our dedicated team remained committed to delivering a high-quality solution within the agreed-upon timeframe. As a result, we successfully launched the system on schedule, providing patent professionals with a powerful tool to streamline their workflows and enhance productivity


2 weeks

  • Hypotheses
  • Research
  • Analysis



  • User Modeling & CJM
  • Wireframes
  • User flows
  • UI / UX Design



  • React
  • Typescript
  • Python
  • Fast API
  • OpenAI ChatGPT-4
  • Testing
  • Deployment


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Our impact

Our AI algorithms automate boring tasks, saving patent professionals time and effort. This means they can focus on important projects and come up with new ideas.

  • 40%

    Reduced Time Spent on Routine

  • 25%

    Productivity Increase

  • 20%

    Operational Costs Decrease

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Testimonials and testimonials: True stories of partnership and success with our company

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“The entire team at Lumitech is a pleasure to work with. They are extremely proactive & continuously set the bar high internally in their organization which has great benefit in their work product”

CEO & Founder

Amunet IP, based in Orlando, Florida

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